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Did you just Molotov my brother with holy fire?

Haaaiiiiii *YAWNS* How's going, folks?
My day was sort of: four hours of studying, four hours of lessons, and gym. (and a SHOWER \o/, finally) I'm dead tired, but I thought it was nice to pop here ;)

As you know, last thursday Supernatural's fifth season ended (I managed to see it just saturday, though), and... well, I bet there are tons of reviews around, far better than what I can write in these conditions, but still, I wanted to say my opinion about it (don't trust it to be a coherent essay, duh)

In general (and some Sammy-related ramblings)
Okay. First of all, I liked it, generally. I can't say if my expectations have been satisfied or not because I learned not to have any, with this show. Kripke is such an ass that now that he managed to make me like the idea of Dean!Michael, he didn't give it to us, but I must say I wasn't hoping it anymore, not now that Adam was in it. Anyway, it would have been cool to see the two bros facing each other as Michael and Lucifer... God, "cool" is an euphemism. It would have been great. But anyway...
Seriously, I think I haven't fully realized yet that Sam has died (he seems to be back, even if we don't know who or what was that - I like to think he's an Angel, though), so I'll try not to speak about this.
I'm really trying not to think of it, because it'll take a long time to accept it, at least for me. I think this boy behaved EXTREMELY well in this final episodes, and I'm really hoping Sammy haters have learned the lesson, dammit.
It took a season, but I knew that sooner or later he would have shown himself for what he really is. And I'm so proud of this man, I can't even tell. *tears*

Things I "meh"
The thing I didn't really like? I think the graveyard scene was... it was weird. I mean this is the epic battle, and I expected it to be more epic.
First of all, I've standed by Michael's side rather than Luci's for the whole season, and now I must admit that Mike is a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS. Seriously, what sort of whiny emo crybaby are you, man?! And you're supposed to be the older bro! I appreciated Luci, btw. (and, for the record, if before I thought Jared's Lucifer - besides from breaking my heart - is Oscar worthy, now I think it ten thousands times more. GOD, THIS BOY COULD TEACH HOW TO ACT TO LOOOOADS OF OLDER AND MORE EXPERIENCED COLLEGUES.)
Then, back to the battlefield scene... it was kind of... too fast? I mean, it was clear they felt the exigence to eliminate quickly Cas and Bobby (speaking of which: "ASSBUTT!" = the total AWESOMENESS *_*) and possibly Michael to leave all the space to Lucifer and Dean, I got it, but the dynamic was way too weird and sort of crazy. Or maybe it's just my opinion, I truly don't know.

Things I liked
Anyway, back to the battlefield, the Dean/Lucifer part was... eheh, saying "painful" wouldn't obviously be enough, but I can't think of any other words. I didn't cry, I didn't have any kind of reactions, actually, because it was too much even for crying.
First the massacre (GOD, Dean *hugs endlessly*) and then Sam taking control of Lucifer and himself... the flashbacks part is totally in the Top 5 of the most sadistic and wonderful things that freakin' asshole Eric Kripke ever did. It still hurts when I think of it, and when I'll find the time to re-watch the episode, I'm sure I'm gonna cry, this time. A lot.

I'm happy Cas got this 'reward' of being an Angel again (I think he deserves it, but still I'm going to miss human!Cas like crazy ;________;), even if his farewell to Dean was terrific ç_ç God, how much I loved these two, ship or not ship. (once again, fuck you mr K.)

I'm totally not unhappy with what concerns Lisa, and I think this fandom should just stop feeling threatened by any female character that appears for more than ten seconds. Come on guys, you're the greates contradiction of this show, seriously: you define yourself Wincest, or supporter of the relationships between Sam and Dean, or whatever you want to call it, and still you think any girl can put herself between them and ruin everytning? Are you really thinking there's any chance that Dean is going to have this 'apple pie life' and stop trying to save his brother, knowing or not that he's - kind of - alive?
And yet, I think he didn't anything strange. The way I see it, this makes more sense than it would have been if he had started hunting again, as if nothing had happened. I think he just was so desperate he wanted to feel something like home, or just feel loved - even if it's not his real home, it's not Sam and nothing will ever be Sam except Sam himself, but I can totally see Dean's point, and his desire to keep the promise his brother asked him to make.

Last but not least, Chuck. I don't know if he's God. Actually, my friend that wacthed the ep with me suddenly said it when he disappeared, and I think it's a possibility... but I actually don't know. Anyway, I liked him a lot during this episode, God or not.
In general it was simple genius the structure of the episode, starting with the Impala's story and the way Dean and Sam's lives all revolve around it. Some flashbacks were really too much and I think, again, it's going to take time to fully metabolize them.

So, in general, my opinion is positive. I think this season was so full and "heavy" that it wasn't easy finding an ending that would satisfy everyone, especially because I suppose they had to change it from the original plans after the decision of making another season.
There are many other things I could say, actually, but as I probably mentioned, I'm in a sort of catatonic state and I think it's going to last several days, lol.

One thing is for sure: this is the very first SPN season I saw in 'real time', and I'm trembling if I think of what it'll feel like when Supernatural ends for good. I mean, now I'm incredibly emo and depressed anytime I think about it, and still we got another whole season to see and to wait for. (Yes, I'm quite embarassing.)

Don't want to be too optimistic, but I'm hoping this review makes at least a bit of sense. Duh. Optimistic much?

Changing totally topic, some days ago we 'finally' got the news about Heroes.

I must admit, I suddenly felt relieved. I mean, the fact that it's over means that they can't mess anymore with what was left of the show we once loved, and it's a good thing.
But. The next second I realized how broken I feel inside... this show meant so much for me. I found a wonderful fandom, wonderful internet-friends ♥, it gave me the chance of improving my writing (who cares, I know XDD) because the inspiration was simply too much I just couldn't stop plotting an endless number of fics... so I think I'm going to miss Peter Petrelli (and sappy as I am, probably continue considering him the way the man of my life should be - yeah, quite sad.), I'm going to miss the desperate hope of seeing more Paire (tsk) in the upcoming episode, I'm going to miss rolling my eyes each time I see Hiro and Ando and their useless storyline *hugs them*, I'm going to miss insulting Claire and admitting that her moments with HRG (... and the ones with Peter, of course) are the ones where I still recognize my girl.
But as I said, I'm trying to focus on the positive sides. *sighs*

Oh yeah, almost forgetting. Jensen got married!
Well... I'm not posting the pictures (and not because I don't like them, but mostly because of my incredible laziness, especially at this hour), but I must admit I'm pleasingly surprised. I've never liked Danneel that much, she's extremely beautiful but she always seems arrogant and too full of herself, not the exact kind of girl I'd see at Jensen's side. Maybe she really is, or she's not, I guess nobody can tell if they don't know her, but kind of cried my eyes out watching the pictures. THE LOVELINESS. They were amazing and all I can do is wishing both the best of happiness. <3

Okay... after this sort of formation novel I wrote, bed time, I guess. (Tomorrow morning the first thing I'll do is going to be knowing the result of my oncology est. Pfffft.)

♥ g'night!
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