chris (kimmy_dreamer) wrote,

Mh. Boh. Am I supposed to write a title?

En passant, I just wanted to apologize again for being such a bad lj friend, I'm going to check properly my flist after *THE* week (which mean this one) will be over... awww, I just can't wait. °_°
So, happy (delated) b-day to strangejuliet and sparky77 and - incredibly, I managed to do it the right day! - mars25oct! ♥ love ya, sweeties!

Oh, and I finally found a picture of the haircut that I want:

Image Hosted by
(yeah, and even to look hot and beautiful like her, if it's possible, thanks)

Back to my Power Point presentation, guys >_<

Tags: b-day, me, me: school, pics, randomness
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